Visit one of Hungary's most popular spa resorts in Kisújszállás, the Kumánia Thermal and Plage Baths!


Caravan and tent place with bath entrance in the heart of Nagykunság in the Kumánia Camping, which is located directly on the area of the bath!


The daily price of the campsite includes your bath pass!


Perfect choice for camping lovers!

Located in the middle-eastern part of Hungary, an hour's drive from Debrecen, Kisújszállás welcomes camping lovers every day of the year!.

It is located in the area of Kumánia Thermal and Plage Baths, 100 meters from the pools. It can be accessed by vehicles through a separate entrance at 5310 Kisújszállás Arany János u. 12. We welcome our guests in our campsite equipped with caravan stands and tent spaces, where water and electricity are provided. In the main building of the campsite, we also provide cooking, dish washing, washing possibility (with a washing machine, detergent and fabric softener) and showers (separate male, female and barrier-free) opportunities for our guests.

Number of parcels: a total of 30 caravan spaces (on 2293 m2), of which 23 are parceled and 7 are unparceled. Electricity is available in all caravan positions, water in 50%. There is no wastewater drainage, but there is also a chemical discharge in the main building of the campsite.

Number of tent spaces: We have 30 unparceled tent spaces (on 1242 m2).

It is possible to cook outside and grill, which is accompanied by the services of the Kumánia Thermal and Plage Baths and the Kumánia Restaurant. 


Countless services, diverse offerings!

  • Spa
  • Medical services
  • Swimming pool (only in high season)
  • Outdoor children's pool (only in high season)
  • Outdoor thermal pool
  • Indoor thermal pools
  • Waterpark
  • Sauna Park
  • Wellness massages
  • Sauna programs
  • Restaurants and catering units
  • Sports courts
  • Tennis Court

What should I know about the thermal water of Kumánia?

  • treatment of musculoskeletal, degenerative diseases, joint and spinal disorders,
  • treatment of musculoskeletal, chronic, inflammatory diseases,
  • treatment of congenital or acquired musculoskeletal disorders,
  • treatment of injuries, accidents (post),
  • as well as rehabilitation.

...our thermal water has many other positive properties

  • dilates blood vessels
  • antihypertensive
  • anticonvulsant
  • mucolytic effects
  • regulates the autonomic nervous system
  • mineral components also promote the healing of skeletal, gastrointestinal, vascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, gynecological, biliary and thyroid diseases.

Prices in Kumánia Camping:

Camping fees
Camping fee Price
Accommodation (with bath entrance) 3 200 HUF/person/night
Tent location (1-2 people) 1 000 HUF/piece/night
Tent location (from 3 people) 1 200 HUF/piece/night
Power supply (for tent) 800 HUF/night
Caravan, motorhome with power supply 2 100 HUF/piece/night
Pet fee (at the campsite) 1 000 HUF/piece/day
Available buffet breakfast at Hotel Kumánia Restaurant

2 600 HUF/person/occasion

Available buffet dinner at Hotel Kumánia Restaurant

4 300 HUF/person/occasion

Rental of devices
Device Price
Using the washing machine 700 HUF/occasion
Cauldron rental 900 HUF/occasion
Skewer rental 250 HUF/piece/occasion
Grill rental 500 HUF/piece/occasion
Grill items rental 200 HUF/piece/occasion
Firewood fee 600 HUF/occasion

Our euro prices do not follow the exchange rate, they are just a comparison. Our valid prices are shown in the HUF-based table.


Camping fees
Camping fee Price
Accommodation (with bath entrance) 9€/person/night
Tent location (1-2 people) 2,75€/piece/night
Tent location (from 3 people) 3,2€/piece/night
Power supply (for tent) 2,2€/night
Caravan, motorhome with power supply 5,6€/piece/night
Pet fee (at the campsite) 2,7€/piece/day
Available buffet breakfast at Hotel Kumánia Restaurant


Available buffet dinner at Hotel Kumánia Restaurant


Rental of devices
Device Price
Using the washing machine 2 €/occasions
Cauldron rental 2,5 €/occasions
Skewer rental 0,7€/piece/occasion
Grill rental 1,4€/piece/occasion
Grill items rental 0,5€/piece/occasion
Firewood fee 1.7 occasions

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The prices do not include the tourist tax, which is 400 HUF/person/night over the age of 18.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the bath can only be visited with an undamaged wristband.
Please submit your breakfast and dinner requirements at least one day before meals. Thank you for your cooperation!

Our meeting rooms for camping communities:

Our bath is a perfect place for larger communities who want to camp, as we can provide a venue in our event tent, philagoria and restaurant. Request a quote tailored to your needs from our colleagues!

We look forward to welcoming you to Koumania!