Beach soccer + Football tennis

Ever played beach soccer? If you haven't, but would like to, you can try it here in Kumánia! If you like "normal" football, you'll like this version too! The rules of beach soccer differ little from normal football. Only the pitch is different (sand instead of concrete), and the fact that players play barefoot instead of wearing sports shoes.

And if you not only want to kick theball, but also want to see the pros play, we recommend the Kumánia Beach Soccer Cup!

(For more information about the cup, please see the "Programmes" section!)


Beach volleyball

Do you want to exercise after sunbathing? How about a lively volleyball match? In Kumánia you can do this and much more to enjoy active recreation! For lovers of active relaxation, there is not only a volleyball court, but also a beach soccer pitch where they can indulge their passion.

Giant chess

Would you rather exercise your brain than your body? Whether you know the rules of chess and want to try your hand at it, or you want to try it for the first time, you can do both at Kumánia! We have a giant chess on the beach for those interested in the sport.  Enter the competition to become the Kumánia chess master!



You can rent our slag tennis courts with full equipment if you want to play a little tennis with friends or a partner, but also if you are planning individual/group tennis lessons (for beginners and advanced players)!


Bicycle hiring

Duration Prices
1 hour 500 Ft/pc
3 hours 1 000 Ft/pc
1 day 2 000 Ft/pc