Day tickets and services for residents of kisújszállás
Kumánia Spa and Beach Baths entrance fees for residents of kisújszállás*
Valid from 6 October 2020 until recalled!

Day ticket prices for residents of kisújszállás

Adult day ticket 1 900 Ft/person
Student, child and pensioner day ticket 1 600 Ft/person
Children under 4 years FREE
Group adults (10 or more) 1 550 Ft/person
Group ticket for students, children and seniors (from 10 people) 1 200 Ft/person
Combined adult ticket (spa and sauna world) 2 500 Ft/person

Combined student, child and pensioner ticket

(spa and sauna)
2 400 Ft/person

Combined sauna programme ticket

(spa entrance and sauna programme with 3 inlets)

3 500 Ft/person

Sauna programme ticket (for 3 inlet)

3 200 Ft/person

Sauna programme ticket (1 inlet)

1 600 Ft/person

Sauna Season Ticket (15 visits)

8 500 Ft/person

Swimming ticket prices for residents of Kisújszállás

Morning swim ticket

(weekdays 8:00 - 10:00, weekends 8:00 - 10:00;

time overrun: 50 HUF every 10 minutes)

1 100 Ft/person

Evening swim ticket
(18:00 - 20:00; timeout: 50 HUF every 10 minutes)

1 100 Ft/person

Prices of our other services for residents of Kisújszállás

Sauna World ticket 1 200 Ft/person
Sauna shawl 550 Ft/pc
Slide ticket for the whole day** Out of order
Caracalla light therapy massage bath 3 800 Ft/person
Swimming lessons, individual 5 600 Ft/person
Swimming lessons, group 2 500 Ft/person
Locker (1 Jun - 31 Aug) Not Actualized 

*Discounted passes are only available to guests with a Kisújszállás address.

**Conditions for using our giant slide: age 10 or over and minimum height 140 cm. Proof of age must be provided in all cases (health insurance card, residence card, student ID, passport, etc.). Otherwise, the use of the slide may be refused.

Please note that the discounts valid in our spa cannot be combined with each other!

Also, our group tickets are not available for purchase during the priority periods!

Thank you for your understanding!