Unsubsidised treatments

McKenzie therapeutic gymnastics

The McKenzie method is a method based on the specific assessment and treatment of spinal problems, most often used to reduce and eliminate problems caused by spinal disc herniation. The advantage is that it is a natural cure: it avoids the need to take large amounts of painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets. It gets to the root of the problem instead of treating the symptoms. It can bring about rapid, lasting change and often even avoids the need for surgery. It consists of personalised exercises that the patient can do on their own, so that they can reduce their pain themselves. However, the exercises, which are easy to learn, should be done at home and at controls, in the quantity and frequency determined by the physiotherapist.

How the test works:

  1. At the first appointment, the physiotherapist will carry out a fitness assessment. He or she will have the patient repeat specific postures and movements and deduce the cause of the pain from the change in pain.
  2. Taking a medical history and putting together an individualised treatment programme. It consists of just a few simple steps that can be easily done at home or at work.

Through the exercises, the patient is empowered to alleviate the pain - so he/she can influence the outcome of the problem!

Our fees:

  • First session (assessment, medical history, compilation and practice of the exercise): 6 000 HUF
  • Other occasions (determined by the physiotherapist on an individual basis):
    • 30 minutes - 3 000 HUF
    • 60 minutes - 5 000 HUF

You can register by Krisztina Ungi, physiotherapist, at one of the following contact details:

  • in person: 5310 Kisújszállás, Rákóczi u. 8-12. in the therapeutic gymnastics gym, Monday to Friday between 07:30 –10:00
  • by phone: +36 70 682 62 67 Monday to Friday 08:00 - 15:30

Kinesio tape

Kinesio tape is a thin, flexible cotton tape with acrylicadhesive, which fixes damaged muscles and joints with out significantly restricting their free movement, thussignificantly speeding up the healing time of joint and muscle problems. It proves to be an exceptionally effective complementary therapy for most locomotive diseases. As a result of the tape applied using a special technique, the skin and subcutaneoust issues loosen, thusincreasing blood and lymphcirculation. The tape stabilizes the muscles and joints, thusreducing the pressure on the pain receptors.

As a result of all this, tissue regeneration is accelerated. Physiotherapist Krisztina Ungi applies the kinesiology tape. Gluing can be requested between 08:00 and 15:00.

Installation fee:

  • HUF 2,000 / per occasion

Material fee:

• HUF 100 / 10 cm